Admin Panel - Home page



The first page you see when you login to the admin panel is the admin panel homepage (often referred to as the dashboard).
Here you can see some key metrics regarding user usage of your platform - examples include how many mentors/mentees are on the platform, how many goals have been set and how many meetings have been scheduled, among a variety of other statistics. You can adjust this by date range on the right hand side, and per programme at the top.

There are four main components to navigate through the admin panel -

  • The menu bar on the top left-hand side, with a grey background - We have simplified and re-ordered the menu bar and phraseology for further clarity. The term 'Groups' has been amended to 'Programs' and we have moved 'Events', 'Pulse Polls' and 'Threads and Conversations' to a new 'Additional Features' tab. We have also changed the wording from 'Mentoring Reports' to 'Relationship Reports' to include both mentoring and coaching.

  • The summary usage statistics, situated in the main section on the right

  • The invitation links box, on the left-hand side below the menu bar

  • The pending approval box, at the bottom on the left-hand side

To get back to the admin panel homepage at any time, either click the PushFar logo in the top left-hand corner of the screen or click on the “home” menu link, situated in the top left-hand grey box, from any page within the admin panel.