If you have a user in the wrong programme, you can pause their mentoring within this programme through the Admin Panel.

Clicking on 'All Participants' and finding the user in the incorrect programme, if you click 'View/Edit Details', you can see the users details and Mentoring Preferences for each programme they are part of.

Scrolling down, under Mentoring Preferences, you will see tick boxes next to the programmes this user is part of -

Selecting the programme will make the title orange, and you will be able to see the details of their preferences, including if they are mentor, mentee or both, alongside the details of 'Describe your experience and what you'd like to help mentees with', 'Preferred Mentoring Type', 'Maximum number of mentees' and the selected matching categories. 

On the bottom left hand side is the Pause Mentoring button, if you select this option for the user, it will stop their mentoring within this programme. Once you select to pause, they will be removed from the programme and you will see the message below - 

You can re enable their mentoring by selecting one of the three options below for the same programme, their mentoring preference details will be saved from before the pause. 

Once you have selected one of the three below, and hit save, their mentoring will be enabled again.

Bulk moving users into new programmes/delete and bulk-delete mentoring preferences -

In the 'View all Participants' tab, you can now select participants using the checkbox in the top right-hand corner of their panel. Upon selecting the first participant, a new box will appear at the top, with the ability to then delete their preferences from any program. 

Similarly, when you select participants using the checkbox in the top right-hand corner of their panel, upon selecting the first participant, the new box will appear at the top with the ability to then copy their preferences from one program to another.