There are four ways in which you can invite participants to join your mentoring programmes. These are outlined below:

  • Invitation Link (Recommended)

  • SSO Invitation Link (Recommended)

  • Manual Add - see image below, under ‘Add New Member’

  • Bulk Upload via CSV - see image below, under ‘Bulk add Participants’

The invitation links can be found on the homepage of the admin panel on the left-hand side, and these are valid if you have one mentoring program setup. If you have multiple mentoring programmes, you can find unique invitation links for each programme within the admin panel, under ‘mentoring’ > ‘mentoring programmes’.

If you have only one mentoring programme, users will be added into this one automatically when registering.

If you are using SSO, you will have different URLs which are specific to your SSO configuration. These links can be found under ‘Configuration’ > ‘Single Sign On (SSO)’ within the menu. Here you will see the ‘SSO URL’ which should be shared with participants wishing to register using Single Sign On.

Quick Tip: Within the ‘invitation links’ panel, you will notice an ‘Organisation ID’. This ID can be shared with participants who have joined PushFar’s open network but would like to migrate their account to your specific programme or instance of PushFar. They can paste this into their settings to request to join your programme.

Bulk moving users into new programmes/delete and bulk-delete mentoring preferences -

In the 'View all Participants' tab, you can now select participants using the checkbox in the top right-hand corner of their panel. Upon selecting the first participant, a new box will appear at the top, with the ability to then delete their preferences from any program. 

Similarly, when you select participants using the checkbox in the top right-hand corner of their panel, upon selecting the first participant, the new box will appear at the top with the ability to then copy their preferences from one program to another.