1. Go to your Okta Admin Console, in the menu select Applications then Applications. 

2. Click Create App Integration then select SAML 2.0 in the next screen and click Next. 

3. Now you will see General Settings section. Please complete the form using below information and then click Next.


4. On the SAML Settings section please complete with following: 

In the Advanced Settings section make sure the following are selected, others should stay as default. 

5. In Attribute Statements section please add the attributes you want to be sent to our application. 

6. Please fill in the app attributes for each of the corresponding field below. (leave blank the ones you haven't mapped in the above step but make sure you've added the required ones). 

7. Now click Next in the Okta Admin to proceed to the next section (Feedback). 

8. Check I'm an Okta customer adding an internal app below check It's required to contact the vendor to enable SAML and then click Finish. 

9. Now in the next screen, in the Settings section click View Setup Instructions button and fill in the form below with details shown there.

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