You can set goals by selecting the orange plus sign on the bottom right hand side of the screen on the home page

You can add them under the 
goals section of the home page, on the right-hand side, and selecting the plus sign button.

Once you select the plus sign, you will have a new pop up where you can fill in your goal.

You can add a goal title, select a time deadline, a description, and add an attachment. 

Visibility means you can choose whether the goal is private for you only, or to be shared with your mentor.

To tick your goal as complete, you will hover over the circle on the left of your goal, once you click this, a tick will appear in the circle, and it will be marked as complete. This goal will then move over into your completed goals list, which you can review any time.

If you are part of an organisation, your administrator can view how many goals have been set and completed, but not the details of the goal.