Step 1 -

If your next meeting is due, there will be a reminder at the top of your home page. Example below.

You can select ‘Schedule Meeting’ to be taken to the next page.

You also have your mentoring relationship details on the home page, as per below, where you can also select ‘Schedule Meeting’ to be taken to the next page.

Step 2 - 

Upon pressing ‘Schedule Meeting’ you will be taken to a summary page. Underneath, you will see details of the next meeting, alongside the section to schedule your next meeting.

You can see a space below to fill in what you are working on with your mentor this month also, here is where you can save session notes or details of your last meeting.

If you click on the plus sign on the orange ‘Schedule A Meeting’ bar, this will expand to show the below.

Step 3 - 

Your integrated calendar will show times both parties are showing as available. You can select another time from the dropdown menu ‘Date and Time’, you can also select timezone in the dropdown menu to the right. ‘Meeting type’ is where you can select how to meet. 

This includes -

  • ‘Pushfar Video Call’ - our video calling system within the Pushfar platform.
  • ‘Face to Face’
  • ‘Phone call’
  • ‘Video call’ - this can include Zoom or Teams, and can be integrated with both these applications.

You will also be asked to select your meeting duration from the following options in the dropdown.

And finally, you will need to fill in the meeting notes/agenda - and once you click ‘Send request’ - the meeting request will be sent to your mentor/mentee.

Meeting request sent

The requestee will have received an email notifying them of the meeting request and a link to Pushfar to accept the meeting or send a message -. Example below - 

They will also have the notification on their PushFar home page notifying them of the request, at the very top of the home page. Here, you can accept/decline or decline and propose a new time for the meeting.

If you accept the meeting, it will show in your integrated mail calendar along with your chosen way of meeting eg. Microsoft Teams or Zoom link.