If you are joining PushFar as part of an organisation or company's initiative, ensure you have spoken with, or have details from, the manager of your mentoring programme. They will be able to either add you to the platform or provide you with a registration link. The registration consists of just two steps.

Step 1 asks for some essential details to create a PushFar profile, such as your name, email, password (unless you’re using Single Sign On), location and your mentor preference to be either a mentor, a mentee or both. You may have a few additional questions in step 1 too, depending on your organisation's settings (if applicable)

Step 2 of registration asks you about your mentoring preferences:

As a Mentor:

  • Your experience and how you can support mentees - sell your experience!

  • Whether you would prefer to mentor in-person or virtually

  • How many mentee's you're willing to have

  • Specific areas where you are confident you can offer support

As a Mentee:

  • What you are looking for from a mentor - the more information the better!

  • Specific areas in which you are seeking support

You can go back and amend these preferences once you are set up.

After you have completed both stages of registration, you will either receive a holding confirmation page if your organisation has setup manual approvals, or a list of recommended mentoring matches. 

If you have selected to be both a mentor and a mentee, you will have two tabs that you can toggle between to see both recommended match lists.
Mentors can request mentees as well as mentees requesting mentors.