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PushFar's Resources

PushFar's Resources


Within the Admin Panel, under the page 'PushFar Resources' - on this page is a wealth of resources for you to access, helping you to launch and run engaging, thriving and successful mentoring programmes. 

From comms guidelines to measures of success, we have a wealth of e-books and downloads. 

You can enable these to show for your users on their resources page by one click of a button, as well as download these and edit them to re upload them for your users.

We have some of the participant resources shown below - 

As well as we have some for you as an administrator to download -

As well as our technical resources for any integrations you may need -

We also offer FREE mentoring training every month, at different times. You and your users are more than welcome to join these sessions 

It doesn't end there though, we're here to help at any time so you can get in touch with your account manager or email support@pushfar.com for direct support at any time throughout your programmes.