Group Mentoring

Group Mentoring


You are able as an administrator to group your users together into group mentoring relationships. This can only be done through admin panel matching, it is not possible through self selected matching currently. A group mentoring program consists of 3 or more participants.

When setting up your programs, you can choose what type of program this will be when creating the program - 1 - 1 relationships or group mentoring.

Once you have added your group mentoring program, you can adjust additional settings as per below -

Once the group has been set up, you will be able to invite or add your users to the group and start matching.

Within the admin panel, under 'Relationships' - 'Admin Manual Matching' - select the programme you wish to match users within - 

Once you select the green 'Add' button, you can continue to add other members to the group, and an overview of who has been selected, as well as their role, will appear updated at the top -

Once you are ready with your selections, you can click 'Confirm Matches and Start Group', where you will be given the choice of the duration of the relationship, as well as the meeting frequency - 

Once you have confirmed the settings, the users will receive a notification email letting them know to set their first meeting!