Google Workspaces / GSuite Single Sign-On (SSO)

Google Workspaces / GSuite Single Sign-On (SSO)


1. Login to PushFar’s admin panel, navigate to ‘Configuration’ > ‘Single Sign On’. 

2. Select ‘GSuite’ from the list of supported Identity Providers. From here you will see a list of steps to follow, also outlined below. 

3. Login to your GSuite admin console and select ‘Apps’ followed by ‘Web and Mobile apps’ in the menu. 

4. Click ‘Add App’ and select ‘Add Custom SAML App’. Provide your app with a name. We’d recommend ‘PushFar’ and you can also add an icon – again, within the admin panel we have an app icon you can use. 

5. Once you’ve created your app in GSuite, download the Metadata file and upload it to PushFar’s admin panel (GoogleIDPMetadata.xml). 

6. Once uploaded, check that the records within PushFar for the Entity ID, SSO URL and X509 Certificate match the records in your GSuite admin panel. If they match, you can ‘continue’ within GSuite’s admin panel.

7. Within GSuite, please copy the generated ACS URL, Entity ID and then check the ‘Signed Response’ option. 

8. After this, please map across the fields you would like populated with SSO by going to ‘Google Admin Console’ and fill in the corresponding fields within the PushFar Admin Panel. 

9. Please ensure all required fields are mapped. Any optional fields, will be highlighted in yellow and aren’t required to be mapped but can be, should you wish. 

10. Once configuration is completed, you can select ‘Complete Configuration’ and then test this by accessing the SSO URL at the top of the PushFar page.

We’re always here to help, provide guidance and answer any questions you may have about the portal or admin panel. If you need support, please email: or contact your account manager directly.