Getting Started - Searching for a Mentor/Requesting a Mentor

Searching for a Mentor/Requesting a Mentor


Mentor matching at PushFar is based on a wide-range of data sets, our algorithms take into account the following when recommended suitable mentoring matches:

  • Availability of Mentors

  • Location of Mentors and Mentees

  • Organisations of Mentors and Mentees

  • Universities or Colleges of Mentors and Mentees

  • Profile and Mentoring Preference Keywords

  • Mentoring Areas of Help

Our algorithms also look at existing mentor matching data to improve upon matches and our development team release updates frequently to further improve our matching.


Finding a Mentoring Match

Once you have completed the registration process and entered your mentoring preferences, you will either see a holding page until you are matched by an administrator if applicable, or PushFar will suggest a list of the most suitable mentoring matches for you, this depends on your organisation's administrator and what they have selected for the programme.

If you have selected to be both a mentor and mentee, you will have two tabs that you can jump between, as above. Otherwise, you will simply see one list.

Within this suggested list of matches, you can review what they are either looking for from a mentor, or what they can offer as a mentor. You can also see each individual's job title, location and a profile picture (if they have added one). On the right-hand side of each suggested match, you will see three options:

  • View: This takes you to the individual's profile

  • Request: This is to request them as a Mentor! It will take you to a final confirmation page where you can set expectations, such as the length of relationship and frequency of mentoring meetings.

  • Dismiss: This removes the suggested mentor match from your recommended list. The individuals' you dismiss will not be notified.

Searching for a Mentor

Looking for something specific in a mentor?
On the home page, on the left hand side under the grey Profile box, you can use the search feature on the left -

This will bring up specific filters you can use to search through the open network.

Please note - this feature may have been disabled/adjusted by your company administrator.

Requesting a Mentor or Mentee

Once you have found a suitable mentor or mentee, you can click on the 'Request' button. Within the request page, you can then set expectations.

  • Length of mentorship: This is the length of time you would like the mentoring relationship to last for, if you’re unsure, we’d recommend starting with 6-months - you can always end it early or extend it, should you wish to.

  • Frequency of meetings: This is where you can define how frequently you would like to schedule mentoring meetings. Monthly meetings are a great starting point.

Please note - this feature may have been disabled/adjusted by your company administrator and therefore you may have been manually matched to a Mentor.