Getting Started - Homepage



The pages below are accessible from the menu at the top of your home page, here you can navigate through the platform - 

Home - This is where you can view your mentoring relationships, see any upcoming mentoring meetings and view updates about your career progression process.

Your Profile - This is where you can see details that others will see about you, such as your current and previous roles.

Inbox - This is where you can view messages sent to you on the platform from other users.

Your Reports - The reports page provides you with insights into how proactive you are being in your career progression and mentoring activities.

Notifications - Your notifications page is where you can view updates relating to mentoring requests, mentoring meetings and updates to conversations.

Resources - This page may not always be visible. It is defined by your organisation. If visible and enabled, you can access guidelines and mentoring resources here.

Settings - The settings page is where you can update your preferences around privacy, notifications and account controls.

Logout - To logout of your account, simply click on the logout icon.