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Feedback and Survey Capture

Feedback and Survey Capture


Within the Admin Panel > 'Configuration' > 'Feedback and Survey Capture' - you can adjust the feedback settings including -

  • How often you would like to receive feedback - Monthly, Quarterly, Bi Annually (6 months) 
  • At the end of a mentorship, At the end of each meeting - per programmeThe feedback questions - per programme
  • Who can view the feedback - Everyone, Recipient & Administrators, Only Administrators - overall feedback

Per programme, you can adjust when you would like the feedback to be asked.

By default, the capture is done at the end of a mentoring relationship.

However, under the ‘Feedback and Survey Capture’ page you can also change the feedback frequency per programme (such as monthly or quarterly) and the questions asked.

Overall, you can then choose who can view the feedback.

Note that if you have asked for ‘monthly’ feedback capture, this will only start to be requested after the second month, to ensure mentors and mentees have enough time to begin the mentoring relationship first.

As standard, it will include the Pushfar default feedback questions, you can remove and/or adjust these.

If you select 'Everyone' to view the feedback, there will be a rating on users profiles, and users will be able to view the custom questions and answers of feedback provided on the profile of the mentor/mentee also.

To change the questions from our defaults, select the ‘+ Add a Question’ button at the bottom of the page. This will remove our default questions and allow you to add your own in.

When adding a question, you can choose whether you would like it to be a qualitative question (such as a free open text box) or a quantitative question (such as a dropdown). You can also add placeholders to pull through peoples’ names or mentoring types and choose whether to ask the question of the mentor, mentee or both. 

You can disable feedback altogether if you prefer!

Viewing the feedback:

To view any captured feedback, you can navigate to ‘Mentoring Reports’ and within this see a list of each mentoring relationship and the feedback associated with it. In cases where you would like to bulk export the feedback, you can do this using the ‘Export Feedback’ button on the mentoring reports.