Calendar Integration - Outlook

Calendar Integration - Outlook


You can find the instructions to get up the Outlook calendar integration through the Admin panel, under Configuration > Calendar Integration.

PushFar is using MSGraph to get the free/busy times, create, update and remove outlook calendar events. Regarding responses from MSGraph API, we only store the event id returned by MSGraph when an event is created in outlook calendar, we use it to cancel the event if the meeting has been cancelled in our platform.

There is no other action or place we store any MSGraph returned data. We are not querying MSGraph to give us any event details as we are never processing any event from outlook. All changes over a PushFar created event must be done via our platform, any change in outlook directly won't be read by PushFar.

Limit Access To limit the application to specific members you need to create an Application Access Policy to restrict access to a specific security group. Put the specific set of users into the security group, then your app will only be granted access to the data of the specific set of users.

More information about setting up and testing on the link below Any other questions please let us know.