Calendar Integration - Google

Calendar Integration - Google


You can action this through the Admin panel, under the Configuration heading > Calendar Integration.

Configure Google Calendar

  1. Go to
  2. Make sure you have the right Project selected and in navigation menu hover APIs & Services and then select Library Screenshot
  3. In API Library Search and open Google Calendar API, then click ENABLE Screenshot

Create Service Account

  1. In the navigation menu hover APIs & Services and then select Credentials Screenshot
  2. Click CREATE CREDENTIALS and then Service account Screenshot
  3. Service account name: pushfar-calendar-integration (or whatever you prefer), Service account ID will be auto-generated (you can modify it), optionally add a Service account description then click Create Screenshot
  4. Click Continue and then click Done
  5. Open the newly created Service account
  6. Click KEYS Screenshot
  7. Click ADD KEY and select Create a new key Screenshot
  8. Select Key type as JSON then click Create. This will automatically download a .json file to your default download folder. Keep this file safe for later use, this is the only copy of the key.
  9. Go back to the Service account details and expand SHOW DOMAIN-WIDE DELEGATION then check the "Enable G Suite Domain-wide Delegation" then click SAVE Screenshot

Authorize Calendar API

  1. Go to
  2. Click Security
  3. Click API controls and in the Domain wide delegation section click MANAGE DOMAIN WIDE DELEGATION
  4. Click Add new Screenshot
  5. Fill in your Client ID and add as OAuth scope then click Authorize

Add the Service Account JSON File to PushFar.

You can find the button to upload on the Admin panel.