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Branding and Platform Settings

Branding and Platform Settings


Branding and Platform Settings is the page where you will find a significant number of the overall settings. The main things to note here are as follows:

  • Enable PushFar Points: This will enable the gamification features of PushFar where participants earn points for being active in mentoring and can see a leaderboard of activity

  • Enable Threads & Conversations: This is the ‘forum’ type feature on the homepage

  • Who can connect with your employees?: You can keep your organisations network closed or open it up to Pushfars Open Network with over 50,000 users

  • Enable 'One Time' Mentoring: Also known as Flash Mentoring

  • Capture Organisation Name on Registration: If you have participants joining from lots of different companies, this should be enabled. If you’re using this for an internal programme (such as with employees) this should be disabled.

  • Force Login via SSO: This should only be enabled if all participants are using SSO and are part of the same internal organisation. This disables participants from setting their own separate password on PushFar.

  • Enable Working Status Capture on Registration: This would enable the question being put to users about their current working status, ie. retired, working, job seeking

  • Organisation Manual Registration Approval: If users are selecting to join your organisation, they need to then be approved by admin in order to do so.

  • Organisation SSO Registration Approval: Users would need the approval to join the organisation even if logging in through Single Sign On.

  • Multi Lingual support: Add in any languages for support for your users.

  • 2 Factor Authentication: You can enforce log in with 2-FA 

  • Allow Networking and Connectivity Outside Relationships?: Disabling this option would remove the direct messaging feature for your users - meaning they could only direct message their mentor/mentee that they are in a relationship with. Disabling this option would also turn off any suggested connections from appearing to your users.