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Automated Messaging

Automated Messaging


Within the Admin Panel, under 'Configuration', you will find the section 'Automated Messaging' - Here there are a variety of emails which go out at different trigger points.

Within the ‘Automated Messaging’ page, you will see a list of all the automated trigger emails that the system sends. By default, all emails are enabled. 
All emails can be enabled, or disabled.

You can edit the subject line, text and in some cases the images, by selecting the email. You can also disable an email by toggling the ‘enabled’ switch on the left-hand side. Clicking ‘preview’ shows a preview of the email.

Users will receive email notifications of any meeting requests or actions that need to be taken, unless you have disabled any, along with push notifications through our apps. If Users are not receiving these then it may be the firewall settings. If they are not showing in your junk/spam folder, you may need to contact your organisations IT department and ask them to whitelist the email support@pushfar.com  

You can also customise the emails per program, under the same page and by scrolling down (or reducing the first box 'Platform Level Emails').

On the bottom left of this page you also have the option to adjust the tags and wording across all emails, and send a new email to all users in bulk, this can be filtered to send to mentors, mentees, or a specific programme group. 

You will be able to view bulk sent emails in the email log.