Approval Process - Users

Approval Process for Your Users


There are 2 options for approval processes for anyone joining your organisation which you can enable through the admin panel. Whilst you can have both enabled, it isn't recommended to do so, as you would then be approving users twice on the platform.

If you are adding users by CSV file, they would not go through organisation approval, but you are able to enable the mentor/mentee approval process.

Option 1 -
Organisation Approval.

You can enable this through the admin panel - Configuration > Branding and Platform Settings.

You can also enable or disable this approval process for SSO, if this has been set up.

The organisation approval process means that users will be able to register for your platform and fill out mentoring preferences, but then be taken to a holding screen, where they won't be able to access the platform until approved. 

You can customise the notice above through your admin panel - under Configuration > Branding and Platform Settings > Custom Privacy Notice (on the left hand side)

You will see the user on the home page of the admin panel, on the left hand side, awaiting approval.

You can view their profile, and answers to the registration questions, by clicking their name. You can approve, or reject the user.

Rejecting the user would mean you then you would be given the option to terminate the user and their details, or move them into our Open Network.

If you select Terminate - their details would be removed, and they would need to go through the sign up process again in order to join your organisation.
If you select to move a user into the Open Network, their details would remain in error, the user would need to then re request to join your organisation - they can do this through their settings, and inputting your organisation ID through there (Your organisation ID can be found on the home page of your admin panel.)

Option 2 - 

Mentor/Mentee approval - at programme level.

You can enable this through the admin panel - under Relationships > Manage Programs - and select the program you wish to edit.

The approval process for mentor and mentee means that users will sign up to your platform, and be able to access their home page, profile (where they can edit details), as well as using the search filter and messaging other users (if these have been enabled). They will not be able to form mentoring relationships until approved.

If self selected is enabled, your users will see this screen on their home page.

And on the admin panel home page, you will see the user listed below 

Rejecting a users mentoring request will keep their details within your instance, but they would not be able to form any mentoring relationships.