Admin Panel - Programmes - Adding and Managing

Adding a Mentoring Programme


Mentoring programmes are a way of segmenting your mentoring focuses if you are running multiple mentoring programmes with different cohorts, objectives or rules. 

By default, you will have just one mentoring programme setup. If you keep it this way, people won’t be able to choose their programme and all participants will automatically be added here.

To add a new mentoring programme, navigate your way to the admin panel and to the page ‘Mentoring’ > ‘Mentoring programmes’:

There is no limit to the number of programmes you can run alongside each other.

Here you can click ‘manage’ on the existing programme to edit settings or view the ‘Add a New Mentoring programme’ bar at the top, to add an additional programme. Within this you can set a name, description, type, matching categories, approval and matching settings.

Adding a new programme, whilst one is already in motion, will not disrupt the current programme

Bulk moving users into new programmes/delete and bulk-delete mentoring preferences -

In the 'View all Participants' tab, you can now select participants using the checkbox in the top right-hand corner of their panel. Upon selecting the first participant, a new box will appear at the top, with the ability to then delete their preferences from any program. 

Similarly, when you select participants using the checkbox in the top right-hand corner of their panel, upon selecting the first participant, the new box will appear at the top with the ability to then copy their preferences from one program to another.

Adding in custom matching rules - Self Select matching -

If you’ve added any additional data capture fields (situated within ‘Configuration’) you will see a light-orange box where you can add custom matching rules. 

These can apply to any data you are capturing (such as job level or seniority) to ensure you’re only showing suggested matches to the right participants. 

An example of this would be if you didn't want users to be matched within the same department, or in Reverse Mentoring programmes you will be able to adjust the rules so recommended matches are following the structure of reverse mentoring (ie. senior leaders being matched with lower level staff)