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Admin Panel - Mentoring Relationships - Reviewing and Managing

Reviewing and Managing Mentoring Relationships


You can view a list of all mentoring relationships and the details of activity within them, by navigating to ‘Mentoring’ > ‘View Mentoring Reports’.

Here, you can filter the mentoring groups, to show mentoring matches in any of the programmes that you have setup. You can also sort this view by other filters, such as - people who’ve had the most or least meetings, set the most or least goals, or had the longest or shortest mentoring relationships.

You can see an overview of the mentoring relationships including total number of meetings, last meeting date, how many goals have been set and completed. You can export a full list of mentoring relationships at any time by selecting the ‘Export’ button in the top right-hand corner. Alongside there is the option to ‘Export Feedback’ in the top right-hand corner from each mentoring relationship. 

You can also view a more detailed overview of the relationships also, by clicking on 'View Details' on the right hand side.

Within the more detailed view, you can see a summary of the relationship in more detail, including how many messages have been sent between users. 

As an admin, you can add notes viewable only by the administrators in regards to the relationship.
As an admin, you can also log past meetings for users relationships through this page.

You will also be able to view the dates and durations of confirmed/completed meetings, any pending meetings, and who sent the requests for the meetings. 

All feedback given from users will be viewable in this page also.

To end a mentoring relationship -

You can end a mentoring relationship, within this view, by selecting ‘End Mentorship’ at any time. This will bring the mentoring relationship to a close and notify both parties via email. You can edit this email’s text within the ‘Automated Messaging’ section, under ‘Configuration’.