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Administrator access has to be granted in order to login. Once logged in successfully, you will have to verify your login, with enforced 2-factor authentication. This means that after logging in the system will show a ‘Verify It’s You’ page.

At this point, PushFar will send your registered email address a six-digit authentication code. Copy this from your email to the 2-factor login authentication page and select ‘Confirm Code’ to then log you into PushFar’s admin panel.

Please note: 2-factor authentication cannot be disabled within the admin panel and admin panel sessions last for 24 hours, after which time you will need to re-enter your login details and authenticate yourself again. If you have reached this page but not received a code, you can select ‘resend code’ to request another. Occasionally 2-factor authentication codes can be stuck in email firewalls. Please ensure that is white-listed by your internal email servers.

We now have a new administration management panel where you can add and amend administrative permissions at overall and group level. 

Within a super-admin menu we have introduced a new 'Manage Administrators' page. 

Here you can add additional participants as admin and also include both 'Read' and 'Read and Edit' permissions for an admin at group level. This means that admins don't have access to all groups and programs you are running - only the ones assigned to them. All previously set admin members have been migrated over to Super Admin privileges in the new release.